All of us occasionally need some work done on our homes. Each of these contractors has worked at my home and I believe they are the best in their fields. They are all professional, ethical and priced fairly.

General Contractor

United Services

Joe Wilson, owner

408-968-0000 (yes that is the correct number)


Joe is a skilled professional and is a pleasure to work with. He has worked on my home and properties I have dealt with.


Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning

Pro Steam

Ron Page, owner



Ron has worked at my home and many others to which I have referred him. He is through and his prices are reasonable. He has cleaned carpets in homes that I have sold that I thought were not cleanable. He is the best.



Pest Control

SOS Pest

Carol, owner



Carol is the owner and she runs a very professional business. Her staff does a great job and they have a large arsenal of products at the ready to do the job right. For example, when is raining they switch to a solid ant poison because the normally used spray would wash away too quickly. They have done my home for years.


BBQ Repairs

The BBQ Doctor

Martin Gross, owner



Mark is a lifesaver when the barbeque or the patio heater fails. Usually it is spiders that get into the gas jets but it could be the igniters. Not only can they repair but also they can clean a BBQ and make it look like new. They have done their magic on my BBQ and I highly recommend them.




Dale Brooks Irrigation

Dale Brooks, owner



Another person I count on when things go wrong. Dale is a true gentleman who knows how and why irrigation works. Whether there is a break in your system or those hard to water spots need attention, Dale can assist. He is thorough and very competent. He has been to my home many times.


Television, Stereo

Solid Connections AV

Edgar Jacinto, owner



Edgar is a master of designing and setting up audio / visual systems in both homes and offices. If you want a sound system or home theater, he is the best. He installed mine and my friends have had him to their homes as well.




If you have a need some help and that specialty is not listed above, please call me.