Vital Tips for Sellers





 A few years ago, houses were selling quickly with little effort. Now many homeowners actually have to make improvements before they can sell their home. Here’s how to put your property in the best shape to sell it now. In the short, think about cosmetic touch-ups to help spur sales. For relatively small expenditures you can recoup your costs and shorten selling time.




Freshening your home’s face.

A fresh coat of neutral colored paint inside and out and new floor coverings give the home the look and smell of “new”. With the wrinkles of cracking paint, old wall paper, age spots, stains or spills gone, your home will look refreshed and welcoming. Painting and carpeting are relatively inexpensive compared to the price of a home. And as you will see further on, I have a long list of experts who can repair or upgrade your home for a very modest costs.



Heightening the curb appeal.

How your home looks upon approach is its first impression. The idea is to make that initial viewing so enticing that visitors will want to come in and see what else you have done to make this home so nice.


The front yard is a must. The backyard is not quite as important but seasonal color flowers and some mulch can make your yard look great for very little money.


Seal cracks in sidewalks and the driveway and power wash away stains.


Remove all that “stuff” stored around your home. There are services that can assist with temporary storage.




A clean home is a magnet 


 Preparing a home for selling requires mop and pail work. I have a crew that will do it all. Windows must be washed too. When I work with a selling client, I do an analysis as to what has to be done and, with your permission; I schedule and supervise all the work.





Your home may need some work to make it more appealing. The place to spend money is, without doubt for most homes, the kitchen or the bathrooms. New kitchen cabinetry with slab granite counters and backsplash, excluding appliances, can be as low as $6,000. And it looks great!

A pool can actually REDUCE the appeal of your home to many buyers. Installing a pool and hoping to attract buyers may backfire.




When I am selling a home, I want every visitor to be able to imagine their family and possessions belonging there. This starts with family photos being stored. Your family photos make it your home, not theirs.


All the wonderful things you have and enjoy may not present the home as well or a large as it can. I work with some very talented designers and together we will visit your home and advise as to what we can do to make your home as appealing as possible.


Removing furniture where a loved pet slept and replacing it with fresh, new “staged” items can make a major difference.

Of course, if we can use your possessions, we absolutely will.


My goal is to get you the highest net return on your home.



The neighborhood

If you live in an area that may negatively affect buyers, we can assist in minimizing that. Water fountains can mask road noise. Plantings may hide a neighbor’s basketball hoop. A fence may block unsightly land beyond your property. I work with some very talented contractors who can assist with these home enhancements.

That being said, as you shop for your new home, looking for the right area and locale will pay off down the road when you are going to sell that home.




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